WUSA 9 is continuing with our petition: If government workers are furloughed, should Congress face penalties?
That question is striking a cord throughout the Washington area and across the country.

We started this petition about a week ago. Thus far, over 800 letters have been written to Congress in favor of financial penalties for senators and Congressmen.

Here are some of the latest comments coming in:
From Maryland's 5th District.
"They should feel the uncertainty of not having a paycheck. the sick feeling in your gut of not knowing if you can afford to feed your family..."

From the District of Columbia:
"It only seems fair that if we take a 20% pay cut each month, they should do the same! Not to mention most of them make five times as much as I do annually and they haven't had a freeze in pay for 3 years!"

From Virginia's 10th District:
"YOU ALL deserve to have a severe pay cut for such a shameful display of what you consider working together!"

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