RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA9) -- Virginia lawmakers negotiating a transportation plan compromise have worked out a deal that includes a fundraising component for Northern Virginia.

Del. Dave Albo, who was one of the conference committee members, said the plan would raise the sales tax in Northern Virginia to 6%, while the rest of the states would only go up from 5% to 5.3%.

That .7%, along with a Northern Virginia hotel tax of 2% and a grantor tax on buying houses at cents, would add up to $345 million earmarked specifically for Northern Virginia Transportation. The taxes will be collected by the state but distributed through The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority.

The entire state plan includes replacing the 17.5 cents per gallon gasoline tax with a 3.5% wholesale gasoline tax paid by distributors. Diesel fuel taxes would remain the same, but would be shifted from a per gallon tax to a 6% wholesale tax.

Those taxes will likely be passed on to consumers which would cost about 10 cents a gallon. Drives who own alternative fuel vehicles, such as hybrids would be charged a $100 annual fee since they're not paying the gas tax.

Lawmakers are counting on Congress to pass a law allowing states to collect internet sales taxes... if that fails, an additional 1.6 percent would be added to the wholesale gas tax.

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova is encouraged about the regional funding component which will include money to help finish the construction of Metro's Silver line to Dulles.

"For Fairfax County, that's huge," said Bulova.

The money for the Silver Line will be used to buy down the tolls that will go up on the Dulles Toll Road...which is a primary funding mechanism for the Silver Line.

Now, the challenge to get this plan into law will be selling it to a majority of House and Senate members before the General Assembly adjourns on Saturday, February 23rd.

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