(WUSA) -- People reacted to State of the Union address as they watched it at WUSA9.

Sixteen people were invited to watch and react to tonight's address. From defense contractors to small business owners to union bosses to a veteran/college graduate, they listened intently, took notes, then we gave them the microphone.

Brandon Bayton lives in NorthWest D.C. and works as a Program Manager for a federal contractor. He thought President Obama's speech was a good one, and particularly liked the President's plan to make education more affordable, "It's one thing to say that education should be available to everyone, but quite honestly, it's priced out of so many people's reach that you are sort of stuck, you go to high school, you graduate high school and that's it."

Terry Fox, an attorney who lives in Manassas, took notes and liked what the President had to say about education reform, but also notes, "I think it's great that he's going to try to work with the Republicans but Boehner can't control his party."

Mark Cannady of Lorton, Virginia , was laid off from his job as a federal contractor, and liked that the President brought up the threat to cybersecurity, "I totally enjoyed the President's speech, I think the hit all the points that ne needed to hit. I think probably the most inspirational was when he talked about the children, Newtown, the whole issue about the gun thing. I think that needed to get resolved."

Neal Zarin has worked for the Navy for 32 years and wants to make it clear that his opinion about President Obama's speech is his own, "He's basically saying everything the American people want to hear, he has no way of funding it, he doesn't have a Congress willing to work with him."

The biggest applause in the room came when President Obama said this: "The greatest nation on earth cannot conduct it's business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next."

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