WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) --- With no deal on the horizon to prevent the automatic across-the-board budget cuts known commonly as sequestration, the Pentagon is preparing contingency plans that could lead to one-day-a-week furloughs for civilian workers for five months,a move aimed at saving five billion dollars by the end of the fiscal year in September.

Some workers wrote of their displeasure on WUSA-9's Facebook page.

"We have one income, a kid in college, another in sixth. I have stage three colon cancer and (am) having chemotherapy. No. We can not afford any pay cut now," wrote one.

What is the consequence of the potential furloughs? Military analysts see risks in the plan.

"Well, we haven't done this in awhile so the answer is catastrophic and bad. It's going to create enormous inefficiencies because people are going to have to figure this out as we go along. There is no plan for this and the irony here is this is exactly what we aren't supposed to be doing. We want to save money, We want to be more efficient but the way they're to do this, it's actually going to drive inefficiencies and, in the end, it's going to cost us all a lot more to solve the same problems," said James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation.

"At the very best, we're going to waste a lot of money and we're going to mae a lot of things harder because this congress and this president failed us with an idea we all knew was stupid to begin with," Carafano told WUSA-9.

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