WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - The Presidential Inaugural Committee on Friday announced some major new acts that will be performing at the official balls at the Washington Convention Center.

Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley and Jennifer Hudson are among the big names.

Andrea McCarren got a behind-the-scenes look at preparations at one of the key venues in town.

A herd of international media toured the Convention Center... as workers transformed it into the backdrop for one of the world's largest parties.

"This is really a celebration of the American people and our country, and an opportunity to show the world what a great nation we are. And how our inaugurals are such a great part of our democracy," said Steve Kerrigan of the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Three major events will be held here at the convention center. The Kids Inaugural Concert, the Commander-in-Chief's Ball and the official Inaugural Ball.

The Commander-in-Chief's Ball has been around since 2005, and allows enlisted members of the military to celebrate the inauguration with their President.

This year's event has an unprecedented guest list.

"This is the first Commander in Chief ball where members of the military can come and bring their same sex partner to the inaugural ball, as their guest," said Kerrigan.

As the inaugural excitement builds, the race is on for presidential souvenirs, but unlike four years ago, buyers are not willing to pay any price.

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