WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- The Inauguration will be packed with hundreds of thousands of people.

If you're a parent of a small child, you know in an instant, they could be lost in a crowd.

With just a couple of minutes of preparation and instructions for your kids you can avoid losing site of your child and know what to do if you get separated.

Moms and dads know that feeling when you lose sight of your child.
Amy Kouch said, "You freak out. You automatically assume the worst."

Multiply that feeling of panic by hundreds of thousands of people and one inauguration.

The large crowds will include Ronika West and her son.

"I always have my child beside me and holding his hand," she said.

Lost children were a big problem four years ago, so have a plan.

Do what the Desabla family from La Plata does: hold hands in big crowds.
Pick out, ahead of time, a spot in case you are separated.

But have a backup plan too. Say your children can't get to the designated spot or gets disoriented. Tell your children to find a police officer and ask for help.

Another good tip: have everyone wear the same bright colors and, if available, everyone should carry a cell phone.

U.S. Park Police add: fill out a card with pertinent information: name, address and contacts for those attending the inauguration and someone off site but local and make sure your children carry that card with them.

You can also get GPS child locators. if you can't get the virtual leash in time for the big day you could get a real one.

Use your cell phone to take a picture of your child's face and a full length shot to get a clear description of what he or she is wearing.
U.S. Park Police have set up a 'reunification site' at 12th and Madison NW. For all inauguration alerts from traffic, missing people and closures text 'inauguration' to 888777

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