WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Those exercise infomercials are ready to grab your attention as soon as you resolve to get into shape.

But before you run out and spend your money, check out the three products Consumer Reports recently tested.

The Jay Glazer Perfect Punch, the Rhythm Rocker by Kymaro and the Nautilus CoreBody Reformer.

Testers found the $30 Perfect Punch fall from perfect, and the $99 Rhythm Rocker did not fare much better.

Their advice, save your money and take a four and a half mile jog or walk 2 miles on your treadmill.

But, the CoreBody Reformer did perform well inConsumer Reports tests.

"The workouts were well rounded, and if you're somewhat fit and are looking to improve your strength and flexibility, it might be one to consider," says Kim Kleman.

It also combines yoga, Pilates and dance in one workout. But be mindful that it is not cheap. The CoreBody Reformer sells for $250.

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