LORTON, Va. (WUSA) - A young mother is healing Friday night after being viciously attacked at a McDonald's drive-through in Fairfax County along Richmond Highway in Lorton early Thursday.

She was repeatedly punched in the face by two men who were on foot.

One man has been charged and police are looking for the other.
"All I could feel was them punching me and punching me. They were hitting me so hard there was blood coming from my nose and it hit the steering wheel," said RaKia Parker.

Parker was in her Ford Fusion on her way home when she pulled into the McDonald's at the Gunston Plaza Shopping Center for a late night snack. It was about 1:30 a.m. Thursday. She went through the drive-through and was trying to get her food at the pick-up window, but three young men stood in her way.

"They gave a high-five to the manager so I figured that they knew the manager," Parker said. She said she heard the men ask for free food, and as the manager began handing it to them, she honked and told them to move.

"He cussed at me and said no they can't move because they're ordering food. I said this a drive-through, not a walk-through," said Parker.

She thought they were leaving, but two of the three men turned on her.

"As he walked past my car, the tall one hit me and the short one hit me. They hit me like 12 times back to back, like a punching bag," said Parker, pointing to her stitched up nose which she said was broken.

The one man who did not assault her tried to stop the other two and knocked out one of them.

When 18-year-old Daniel Kim came to, police were there and charged him with assault and battery and public drunkenness.

The other two men fled, and Parker was taken to a hospital.

Parker and her mother blame McDonald's. "You are the only store in that entire shopping center that's open that late and you don't have security?" said Parker.

"Where are we safe? Are we safe in our homes? We can't even go to McDonald's?" said Parker's mother Elaine.

The Parkers say they are considering legal action against McDonald's. RaKia says if it happened to her, it could happen to anyone and be a whole lot worse.

A McDonald's representative told 9News' Peggy Fox that the restaurant cares deeply about its customers' safety and security.

A few minutes later, a manager at the restaurant called 911 to have Peggy Fox removed from the property, without ever simply asking her to leave. Which she did.

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