WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Getting the perfect gift for loved ones can make the holidays extra special.

Rachel Vitagliano coordinates patient services at the Philadelphia location of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. CTCAasked theirpatients and caregivers throughfacebook which gifts would mean the most to them this holiday season.Vitagliano says some of the best gifts for people fighting cancer don't come in a small box at all. Try giving tickets to a movie delivered with popcorn, or tickets to a comedy show.

Vitagliano says, "It's a great place for them to be able to do an activity that's a little bit different and to be able to laugh and be able to spend time with you as well as the gift you are giving."

Other top gifts cancer patients mentioned include a house cleaning or car detail service, membership to a local gym, or a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure.

Vitagliano says soft robes and pajamas also get high marks. The best are all-cotton, since the side effects of some treatments include hot flashes and skin irritation. A digital magazine subscription or knitting/scrapbooking supplies are other suggestions to pass the time between doctors visits and infusions.

She says, "With those gifts they can refocus their energy and learn something new."

Finally, never underestimate the thoughtfulness of home-cooked meal. In fact, getting a circle of friends together fora dinner rotationcan be a tremendous gift for patients and their families.

Vitagliano says, "A healthy diet is extremely important for folks going through treatment, so its something you want to incorporate a lot of love into."

Written by Anita Brikman, 9 News Now.

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