(WUSA) -- A report about the investigation into the police shooting of Evan Newsom of Stafford, Va. last month concludes that his death was "justifiable homicide in self-defense" and that deputies were put in a position where they had to use deadly force.

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The Stafford and Fauquier Commonwealth's Attorneys issued a formal report after the conclusion of Virginia State Police's investigation, which was then given to state police and sheriffs of both counties.

According to the report, Evan Newsom appeared to be highly intoxicated and violent when deputies from both counties showed up ata home in the 12000 block of Tacketts Mill Road on November 2 to investigate an assault. The report indicates that Newsom immediately attacked a deputy with a knife, cutting his sleeve and arm, with intent to kill or do bodily harm. Two deputies then opened fire on Newsom, killing him.

The report also details Newsom's intent to have police kill him. Before he encountered police, Newsom reportedly assaulted, threatened and detained his mother as well as assaulted a neighbor. Newsome made statements such as "It's over" and "just shoot me" while brandishing a knife. He had also written a note that suggested if anything happened to him that others "carry on my dream."

Authorities noted in the report that he had assaulted him mother with a knife previously and had a "history of self-injuring behavior." At one point, Newsome reportedly told his mother that he wouldn't return to the Department of Juvenile Justice saying, "They would have to kill me."

In a summary of the report, authorities stressed that "The death of any young person is a tragedy."

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