WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A question for ESPN's Rob Parker: "Cornball Brother?" What does that mean?

You admit you want to know more about Robert Griffin III. Why not find out more about the young star, before saying things that imply he might not necessarily be a real brother?

It speaks to a stereotype that says if an African American athlete or man has a spouse or girlfriend of a different race, he is not real.

Robert Griffin III does countless hours of community work with all types of children, from all races.

We don't have a right to define what white, black, Asian or other races look like or sound like.

Jackie Robinson and Colin Powell, eloquent men and heroes, were, to a degree, put under the same scrutiny and criticism. This is bad, lousy and garbage journalism and we should not accept it.

RG3's dad tweeted this to me about the situation: "This gentleman's comments are not for me to expand on I have more important issues, Homeless Veterans etc."

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