WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Planning for next month's presidential inauguration is in high gear.

But on Thursday a group of 5th graders took over the planning for the National Park Service.

Fifth graders from the Raymond Education Campus are pretending to plan the presidential inauguration.

They've been split into four committees... just like the real park service employees.

One had to deal with finances. One had to deal with ordering
supplies. One was about security and making sure the visitors and the
president were safe. And one was communication.

The catch: each committee had to approve its plans with the other teams.

But then, something happened.
They realized that before they could present their plan to the real
deputy supervisor, they'd have to compromise.

Live it Learn it is a non-profit organization here in Washington
DC that creates rigorous, academically focused field trips for
students with some of the highest needs .We want them to be able to see the different possibilities for their futures. We want are kids to have a spark of interest. We want to make sure that students are connecting with the real world.

In the end, plans were approved but there is one more thing.

Problem solved. They spent the afternoon building picnic tables
at the maintenence yard.

Today isn't just about hypotheticals, what ifs, when I grow
up. These benches are actually going to be used during the
presidential inauguration. What do you all think of that? Yay!!

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