WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Families already stretched thin say they don't know how they'll manage if they're pushed off the Fiscal Cliff.

An organized group of mothers are making their voices heard including Silver Spring Maryland mom Clara Paynter. She's toting 10-month-old Cassidy and a teddy bear while walking the halls of Congress.

But the stuffed animal is not for her child, but for lawmakers.

Paynter is part of an online grass roots organization called MomsRising.org. They have more than a million members .Their goal is to improve public policy for working families.

They're handing out teddy bears to lawmakers telling them they're putting moms and families in an 'unbearable' situation.

"I'm a family therapist and I hear from tons of working moms barely making it work paying for childcare while supporting families."

Moms went door to door delivering a book of stories of how families are barely making ends meet. They're telling lawmakers, falling off the fiscal cliff will further hurt families.

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner is the co-founder and executive director of MomsRising.org. "We hear from our members that childcare cost more than college. This is not the time to balance the budget on the backs of women, children and families."

The organization's members say they're bipartisan but are calling for the end to the Bush Era Tax Cuts for the wealthy.

It's hard to say if the teddy bears will make a difference in talking lawmakers down off the cliff, but these moms say they have to try.

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