WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- There are lots of colorful tablets on the market for kids this holiday, but they have some real grownup features.

"This year, we're seeing tablets with real Android operating systems and features like Wi-Fi and expandable memory. These tablets are not just toys," says Carol Mangis.

Consumer Reportsevaluated five tablets designed for kids, priced between $150 and $200.

Testers checked lots of features, including display quality, and some screens were hard to view from an angle.

Battery life was measured by tapping the screen to keep it awake until the batteries ran down.

A team of experts, about a dozen young children, played games, read books and created artwork on the tablets.

They eventoldhow easy the tablets are to turn on and which activities are fun.

"I like taking pictures because it was really fun," says one young participant.

Another young tester said, I like a lot of games, like Angry Birds."

Mangis says, "These tablets all come loaded with child-friendly games and learning activities. And not surprisingly, the kids liked the games the best."

For bookworms, the Meep! tablet from Oregon Scientific has the clearest display screen.

And, you can limit your child's Internet access, parental controls are on all the tablets.

The most extensive for younger kids are the Meep!, The Kurio 7 and the Nabi 2.

"Some tablets have Internet filters which means kids can surf only to approved websites. And on some tablets parents can limit their kid's time online," Carol Magnis says.

And the tablet the kids like the best? The Nabi 2 for $200. It has a friendly interface and the longest battery life.

Consumer Reports says some grownup tablets have parental restrictions, too.

You'll find them on the Galaxy Nexus, Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle models.

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