WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Imagine this: Robert Griffin III, Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg together, playing a round of 18 holes at Congressional Country Club.

Away from the cameras, away from Twitter, away from their marketing teams, away from D.C. sports fans screaming at the tops of their lungs for their attention; what would that four-hour round of golf be like? With two of the stars recently mingling online together, this outing may not be too farfetched.

Not having to carefully pick their words so journalists like myself don't manufacture a story, a free flowing Griffin-Harper-Strasburg conversation would be astonishing -- almost like art. To be a fly on the wall would be worth more than 100 autographs from each. It would be like Christmas combined with a best friends wedding.

Bryce: Do you realize that we have a chance to run this town? I mean I joked about being Joe Namath like a year ago, but that really might come true.

Robert: Man, you love the commotion aspect more than me (laughs with his toothy smile). I'm absolutely fine with folding my socks in Leesburg and eating pineapple pizza at home.

Bryce: No Rob, you didn't get my whole drift. Getting literally 15 phone numbers a night will never get boring. I mean girls actually throw themselves at me.

Robert: Too bad most of them are 15.

Bryce: I'm talking bigger, Robbie. We're both going to have jewelry boxes full of rings by the time our careers are done. We are going to be like kings! Ain't that right, Stras?

Stephen: (Laughs nervously, holding his elbow).

Deep down there is nothing Griffin and Harper both want more than to have Washington D.C. become like Boston did in the 2000's: a sports town who frequently visits the White House, taking smiling pictures with the President. We haven't seen that same passionate fire out of Strasburg yet, but his once in a generation right-arm will be paramount to the Nationals successes or failures.

After years of h-backs, bingo callers and free agent fiascos, the Washington Redskins have incredibly become the must watch team in all of sports because of RGIII. The entire country gleefully inspected Griffin's talents during the Redskins 28-point second quarter in Dallas on Thanksgiving, oohing and awing over every throw and run. Hell, even Cowboys dictator Jerry Jones publicly admitted he was rooting for the 'Skins quarterback on Monday Night Football against the Giants -- something he would have never done in the past.

Griffin has that Denzel Washington dynamic about him, where it's nearly impossible to find someone who doesn't pull for him to succeed. In the years to come, it will become impractical to pick against Griffin in any big game. Visualizing Griffin hoisting a Lombardi Trophy relatively soon is not an unrealistic image.

Robert: Dude, Bryce, man... how many shanks are you going to have off the tee box? You take swings in a batters box for a living. Can this really be that difficult?

Bryce: Clown statement, bro! Why don't you just go stand in the pocket so you don't hurt out here. I'll blindside you. Ha!

Robert: We all know you could never catch me. You have old-school hustle. I have new-school dynamic speed. Stras, you hungry man?

Stephen: (Stares off into the distance without a response)

Robert: (Whispering to Bryce: What is his deal, man?)

Bryce: Dude, that shutdown thing really got to him. He was standoffish before, but now? We call him Casper.

The Nationals will always play second-fiddle in this town, but it may be by a closer margin than you think. Harper's transparent hustle and charm has infiltrated the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. Kids no longer have to hear stories of Cal Ripken Jr. and paint pictures in their mind of a local baseball hero -- they can flip on MASN, watch Harper and his jersey covered in dirt.

The 20-year-old won't have as much individual pressure on him as Griffin, but Harper's authentic obsession with winning has a Michael Jordan feel to it. Nationals manager Davey Johnson produced the slogan "World Series or bust," earlier this week during the baseball winter meetings. Without Harper, Johnson would obviously have to curb those immense expectations.

Bryce: Do you ever wish you were normal? Just for like a week?

Robert: Normal is my least favorite word in the dictionary.

Not once in the history of sports has one town possessed three athletes under 25, all of whom which have the distinct capabilities to become the best player at their respective positions. There have been other cities with similar characteristics of today's D.C. sports culture. Some panned out. Some crashed and burned.

Chicago in the 80's and 90's was a sports town full of pride. The hype was even embellished on Saturday Night Live. But Michael Jordan and Walter Payton were nine years apart in age. The glory days for the Bears and Bulls weren't even close to overlapping each other.

Los Angeles in the late 80's was the capital of sports supernova -- defined as an exploding star. There was a point in time where it looked as if Magic Johnson was going to go down as the best basketball player of all-time, before his contraction of the HIV-virus shocked the universe and ended his career abruptly. Who could forget Bo Jackson? Unfortunately his hips never let the freak of nature eclipse 1,000 yards rushing in his four seasons with the L.A. Raiders.

Seattle in the late 80's and early 90's touted Ken Griffey Jr. and Sean Kemp. Both were born in 1969, both were some of the most athletic men to ever play their sport, but both had tragic flaws. Griffey's happened to be greed and the injury plague when he left for Cincinnati and Kemp's tumultuous personal life unraveled in front of our eyes.

It's a jackpot lottery to obtain Griffin, Harper and Strasburg all at the same time. The tides have flipped upside down in D.C. The question becomes, how does this town become the fairytale sports story of the 2010's rather than a sob story like Seattle?

Robert: I liked what you said earlier.

Bryce: Everyone likes what I say. Which statement?

Robert: The jewelry box one.

Bryce: Oh yeah? I thought it was clever.

Robert: Let's put a friendly wager on who has more rings at the end of our careers.

Bryce: I'm not a betting man, but this sounds interesting.

Robert: If I win more Super Bowls than you win World Series', you have to campaign with me when I run for political office. If you win more, and this is how confident I am, I will get a Natitude tattoo on the bottom of my foot.

Bryce: Haha! I'll have to consult my agent Scotty Boras. I know I can get more out of this deal!

Robert: Promise me one thing.

Bryce: Hmm?

Robert: That you will do everything in your power to stay in D.C. We've all read about your love for the Yankees. But you don't want a LeBron reputation do you?

Bryce: There's a reason I tweet DC or Die. This is my home.

My guess is that in 10 years, we're putting the District of Columbia in the same sentence as the New York's and the Chicago's rather than Seattle. Griffin and Harper's 'believe in me' attitudes are contagious, not only in their own locker rooms, but the entire country.

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