WASHINGTON (WUSA) --- The Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Agency has dropped plans to cancel its after-8 p.m. service on two troubled bus routes, after politicians and riders objected to the idea.

The W-4 and W-8 bus routes, which travel through Anacostia neighborhoods, get many of the riders at the Anacostia Metro rail station when passengers leave subway service and board buses to take them home.

Buses on those two routes have been targeted repeatedly by rock throwing teenagers and have seen passengers and bus drivers injured in the attacks.

The transit agency proposed stopping bus service on those routes at night, angering passengers who say they need the service to get safely home.

"People don't ride the bus because they want to, particularly in this community. People ride the bus because they have to and if a lot of people did not have the opportunity to ride these buses, some couldn't get home," said Kyt Williams as she rode a W-8 bus Tuesday evening.

"People need this transportation," she told 9News.

"This is my ride home," said passenger Fantasia Young, who said she would be afraid to make the long walk she would face if bus service were stopped at night.

Passengers concede the rock throwing has dangers.

"Yuh, it's dangerous, but imagine a child walking home. How dangerous is that?" asked Williams.

As 9News Now rode the W-8 bus Tuesday, there were several children on board.

Metro received numerous complaints about the plan, and changed its mind.

"The proposal to reduce service on the W6 and W8 routes was based on safety concerns stemming from incidents of rock throwing. Following feedback from District officials, the Metropolitan Police and Metro Transit Police committed to a plan to provide enhanced service to protect buses on these routes. As such, we have withdrawn the proposal," Metro said in a statement.

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