WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The Washington Redskins (6-6) are arguably the hottest team in the NFL in right now. They are peaking at the right team behind two rookies, an unexplainable revived offensive line and a tragically flawed defense, who just so happens to be making plays at the right time.

And well, let's just say the Ravens (9-3) are not soaring at the current moment. A home loss to the Charlie Batch-led Pittsburgh Steelers and a dud of a game by quarterback Joe Flacco (16/34, 188 yards) has a heavy portion of the Baltimore faithful biting their nails heading into Fed Ex Field this Sunday.

In a WUSA-9 exclusive interview, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh sat down with our anchor Derek McGinty before a recent practice. The fifth-year head coach recognizes how dangerous of a team Washington has become with Robert Griffin III leading the way. Harbaugh, whose brother Jim coached at Stanford before returning to the NFL, knew that Griffin would be an NFL star before most.

"I had a little bit of an experience with [Griffin] four years ago when Jim was recruiting him. It was Andrew Luck and RGIII. Both out of Houston. Both 4.0 students, and Jim talked about these two guys are both going to be stars someday," recalled Harbaugh on his brother's accurate prediction.

Harbaugh stated the Ravens are still searching on film for a weakness in the Redskins quarterback, adding, "He is getting better as the year goes on," and that his Baltimore defense will have to structure itself differently to defend him.

Later, Harbaugh provided commentary on what has become a touchy subject for diehard Redskins and Ravens fans: should the two teams get along because of the short distance between them?

Majority of those fans will disagree with Harbaugh's sentiment. The argument can be made that Redskins fans have long been jealous of Baltimore's postseason successes since the late 1990's. But will the jealously flip-flop on Sunday once Ravens fans see Griffin up close and personal?

"We admire [RGIII]," proclaimed Harbaugh. "We're right down the road, we share the same fan base and the same population around here, so you kind of get to cheer for him a little bit too."

"I'd like to see fans in the area embrace both teams. You've got an AFC team, and NFC team -- two great programs, a storied tradition down there and Baltimore has a storied tradition with football too."

Maybe a peaceful harmony can exist some day, coach Harbaugh. But absolutely not this Sunday.

(Special thanks to Derek McGinty for the well thought out questions)

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