MCLEAN, Va. (WUSA) - Daniel Bechara has owned Salon Daniel for 21 years. He's never noticed the Bush era tax break he receives because it's never made a difference to his business. He thinks lawmakers who claim to be protecting small businesses from rising taxes, have ulterior motives.

"It's all about really bigger tax breaks for multi-millionaires. They don't care about the people. We don't have those old heroes anymore," said Bachera, who immigrated from Lebanon. He believes if Congress continues giving big tax breaks to businesses, it must demand the creation of American jobs.

Nobody wants to pay higher taxes, but for some small businesses that depend on the general public, not knowing what's going to happen is worse.

The Italian restaurant Assaggi Osterria in McLean employs 24 people full time. The owners would like to expand and hire 8 to 10 more people, but they're at a stand still until Congress acts. They won't take the risk while the fiscal cliff possibility grows. The cliff would trigger across-the-board spending cuts, and tax increases, which Senator Mark Warner and others fear could send the world into a recession.

Giovanni Cesaratto, a part owner of Assaggii Osterria, explained, "A restaurant is basically a retail business. We count on people coming in and joining us to eat and be merry. So, we're unable to understand the dynamic because we don't know what's going to happen on Capital Hill.

"It's really troubling that these people are up there at each other's throats and not able to reach some type of consensus. It's unbelievable," said Cesaratto. He said that if lawmakers on both sides of the aisles got to know each other, perhaps it would help them reach a deal. He offered his restaurant as a perfect starting point.

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