LA PLATA, Md. (WUSA) -- 9News has learned more details about a second body of a baby found in Southern Maryland.Detectives now say the same mother could have given birth to both children.

Reporter Surae Chinn talked to the woman who found the remains. The woman, who does not want to be identified, says she could also be the great grandmother of the two babies whose remains were found.

"It's heart wrenching. It's heart wrenching," she told Chinn.

The woman says she's horrified by what she discovered in her attic. She had gone up there with her sister looking for Christmas decorations, but found something unspeakable:"I just opened a tiny bit of the bag. What I saw, it didn't look right, I had no idea what it was. Then we called police for them to open the bag."

She says the plastic bag was wrapped in a blanket inside a suitcase.

"Something wasn't right. I just felt that," she said.

She was too scared to look any further, but inside the bag was the badly decomposed body of a newborn baby.

The gruesome discovery is even more alarming because it's the second set of remains found in Southern Maryland in 8 months. The boyfriend was cleaning out the mother's car and discovered the body of the first newborn in the trunk in March. The baby was his child and the great-grand child of the woman Chinn talked to in her interview.Then, just before Thanksgiving, the second remains are found in the great-grandmother's home.

The mother of the baby in the first case was never charged. Detectives are now looking to see if she's the mother of both dead newborns.

We talked with the stepmother of the woman in question.

She says, "Our belief is that she had two miscarriages. She's had a drug and alcohol problem for years. Unfortunately, when you abuse alcohol and drugs you don't use good judgement."

As horrifying as it all is for the great grandmother who discovered the remains, she says she's conflicted and she wants the best for all families involved.

"She's a very sick girl to do something like this. But I can't hate. I can love but I can't hate," she told Chinn.

She explains that the woman who may have given birth to both babies is also the mother of her two great-grandchildren, toddler twins.

"It's tragic, very tragic and it hurts, but we want the best for both sides. It's a horrible thing. You want the truth, more than anything you want to know the truth," said the woman.

Sources tell 9News' Surae Chinn that the second set of remains are older or even more decomposed than the remains found back in March in this woman's car. Detectives are waiting on autopsy results.

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