WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) --Consumer Reports has the lowdown on some new tablets on the market.

Microsoft's $500 Surface rated well for its 10-inch screen, handy stand and built-in keyboard, but testers say it still has a way to go when when it comes to content.

They found Apple's $300 iPad Mini is every bit as good as the bigger iPad.

But for $200 less, Barnes and Noble's Nook HD is worth considering as well as the 9-inch Nook HD plus for $270.

And, Consumer Reports' Paul Reynolds says, "The iPad still offers the most content and its screen's a little bigger than the Nook HD plus. But at $500 and up, it cost almost twice as much."

And the consumer group says you shouldn't worry about buying an extended warranty when you purchase a tablet.

A Consumer Reports survey found only four percent of tablet owners needed repairs.

But if you still want to get one, the non-profit says consider less expensive coverage such as the $28, two-year accidental plan sold at Walmart.

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