LA PLATA, Md. (WUSA) -- A Southern Maryland family is fighting to save their son's life. They received the bad news just days ago, that5-year-old Adam Lumpkins' cancer had returned and this time doctors say he only has one month to live.

Jamie Lumpkins is Adam's mother. "to know that he's in pain and there's nothing I can do to make it better. It's not as simple. I can't kiss it and make it go away."

Jamie and Christopher learned a week before Thanksgiving that Adam's Leukemia had spread to his brain and needs a bone marrow transplant.

They're hoping a match will be found at Saturday's bone marrow drive at the La Plata Volunteer Fire Department.

"knowing this is our last chance is the scariest thing."

Adam has spent more than half his life in hospitals. Most days he doesn't feel good but smiles through the pain.

Adam got to escape his troubles for a moment when he got to ride in a fire truck.

His two older siblings are asking Santa this Christmas for their little brother to be healthy again.

Jamie and Christopher Lumpkins, parents, "He says his own prayers every night and prays that God makes his cancer go away, for God to make his head feel better. To hear your son ask when my cancer goes away, can I have a puppy? He shouldn't know to ask questions like that."

Somewhere in this room could be the miracle to save little Adam's life.

Amber Long, relative, "it would be a great Christmas if we could fix this little guy."

Adam's mother is 7 and a half months pregnant. She says it's bittersweet.

Hundreds of people turned up to get tested. A simple buccal swab is all you have to do for the initial test.

Here's a link to the bone marrow program where you can get a test kit.



Mechanicsville volunteer fire department in St. Mary's county will hold another bone marrow drive on Saturday.

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