WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- "You know how you get that cold feeling that sometimes goes through your body?" asked Barry Campbell asked Tuesday night. It was only hours after he sat in a D.C. courtroom and watched 25-year-old Brian Gaither plead guilty to first-degree murder in the death of Campbell's daughter, Latisha Frazier. That feeling is one Campbell experienced as he watched one of his daughter's killers.

Frazier was beaten repeatedly by half a dozen persons in a Southeast D.C. apartment house in 2010, her body dismembered, and thrown in the trash. The body has never been recovered, and is believed to be in a southern Virginia landfill.

"It was just a lot of emotional feelings going on at the time. You want justice done, but at the same time you want to go at him at the same time, but you try to keep your composure and let justice take it's place," Campbell said of his reaction to watching the guilty plea.

Along with Latisha's mom, Campbell is raising Latisha's daughter, Diamond.

"I wouldn't have it no other way. I wouldn't have anyone else. If it wasn't her mother, her grandmother, or my mother, or her immediate family, we wouldn't have anyone else taking care of her.

"We're going to be that family that we are, to stick together, to raise her. I know that that is what Latisha would have wanted. Period," he said.

He gets some guidance, he says, from Latisha.

"I feel her sometime looking down and picking at me you know she gets on me at times," he said with a smile.

"If I don't hear her voice I definitely have her vision sometimes just pop up.

"And seeing her smile when I look at my grandchild, definitely. I see that all the time when I see that grandchild, that smile of hers. I just vision her because they have the same smile," he told 9News Now.

Losing a daughter is hard.

"You know, you have your moments. You have your good moments, you know. You see your granddaughter just smiling and having fun, just smiling and not thinking about the negative stuff that happens throughout life.

"And then you have sad moments when her birthday comes around, holidays come around and you don't have her, have that time to spend with her."

And Thanksgiving this year will have moments of each kind.

"The spiritual side of me keeps me grounded so it's still going to be a blessing because I still have the foundations of my family around me and, so, that's the good part about it.

"But you know you have that little side of you that be like 'Man, you know, I wish you was here,' but you just keep her in prayer," he said.

Six persons have been charged in Latisha's murder. Five have pleaded guilty. A sixth awaits trial.

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