WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Residents in Southeast D.C. lined up by the hundreds Tuesday morning for free turkeys. The men and women began gathering an hour before the doors opened at Union Temple Baptist church.

Councilman Marion Barry arranged for the holiday gift with the help of some local businesses, giving away 2,000 free turkeys to any Ward 8 resident with an ID.

Barry said, "We could have given away 20,000 turkeys."

There was some controversy surrounding the turkey giveaway when a reporter from the City Paper wrote that Barry was refusing to disclose where the money was coming from to pay for them.

The former Mayor was quick to pounce on the newspaper.

It's the kind of battle that Barry welcomes, the kind of media scrutiny that actually helps keep him in office.

Unemployment in these parts can be up to 50 percent. Voters here still believe Marion Barry is their champion. They just don't trust other politicians and most media to fight for them down at City Hall.

See Bruce Johnson's video report above for the full story.

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