ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA)-- Anna Engelsone recently moved her family into a Rockville neighborhood where her 5th grade daughter cannot access a school bus to get to Garret Park Elementary.

So she has come up with another plan to get 10-year old daughter Liz to and from school, via the county's public "Ride On" buses.

Engelsone said, "I felt she was ready for this. So we practiced the routes several times. She seemed to be okay with it, and we did it."

All was fine until she posted on an online blog, letting other parents know what she was doing. Someone on that blog then told the school's principal who called Engelsone, and said she was going to report her to Child Welfare Services.

Engelsone believes the "Ride On" buses are safe, and she was stunned to her parenting decisions were being called into question by the school.

Montgomery County Public Schools spokesman Dana Tofig released this statement in response:

"We can't speak about specificcases involving our students, but in general, a community members reported aconcern to one of our principals. The principal had a responsibility to lookinto the matter and that is exactly what the principal did. Whenever a concernis brought to the attention of our staff, we will always follow up to ensureour students are safe and secure."

Englesone said she plans on allowing her daughter to ride the publiccounty bus for the rest of the school year. No word yet if CWS willbecome involved.

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