FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) - The suspect in the 10 groper attacks in Fairfax County may have a disorder known as Frotteurism, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Kacie Fisher. She says people with Frotteurism become sexually aroused with their socially deviant behavior.

Several victims have described the suspect as a young Hispanic male, about 5'8," who wears a hat, bandana or a hoodie tied tight around his head. His MO is the same each time: he runs up to a woman from behind, throw his arms around her and grabs her breasts. Then he runs away.

Dr. Fisher says Frotteurism can involve groping and more.
Fisher said,"Frotteurists tend to be men, women are the victims. They may fondle the breasts of their victims or rub their genitalia on the body parts of their victims, which is highly arousing to them." Dr. Fisher in no way is saying that Frotteurism is an excuse, but isexplaining why someone would act in this way that is illegal and bearsconsequences.

The attacks have been committed in broad daylight on public sidewalks.

Fairfax County Police Spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell said,"This is somewhat brazen. Someone could easily see them and call police."
Fisher said that "The main reason he does it in public is to be able to easily slip away. But he also may get a rush out of taking risks and may enjoy potentially getting caught."

Fisher says few Frotteurists are ever caught, and they rarely seek treatment for their disorder, because their actions are illegal.

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