CULPEPER, Va. (WUSA) -- Federal and town officials say they are planning to deal with vultures that are resting and loafing in several areas of town, and causing a nuisance.

The town of Culpeper and the United States Department of Agriculture say they will attempt to move more than 70 black and turkey vultures away from their current hangout spots.

Culpeper Public Works Director Jim Hoy says this action has been driven by complaints from several areas in town.

The plan will begin Dec. 3 and will continue throughout the winter and will take place at dusk and during the early evening hours. Residents in the areas of Main Street, Williams Street, and West Fairview Road may experience noise in the late afternoon or evening hours. Residents in the areas of Third Street, Mason Street, and an area between Park Ave., and near Southgate Shopping Center may also hear noise.

Officials say noise and light-makers will help to disperse the vultures attempting to roost at night. Other techniques will also be used to move or kill the vultures.

Officials add that it is illegal for citizens to kill vultures without a federal permit, and that a state hunting license doesn't qualify as a permit.

Officials say part of the problem near shopping centers has been the availability of food set out for stray animals.

Federal and town officials have been working on this effort for about 10 years.

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