BALTIMORE, Maryland (WUSA)--September 16, 2006 is Carol and Robert Roddy's September 11th. This is the day their youngest son, David, was killed in Iraq.

Petty Officer 2nd Class David Roddy had one of the most dangerous jobs there was--explosive ordinance disposal. He took apart the bombs meant to kill his fellow soldiers.

"They said what David was doing saved probably 20,000 lives," says David's father, Robert--himself a Vietnam vet.

David was killed trying to disable an IED in the Al Anbar province.

Now to honor their son, Carol and Robert make it their mission to take care of every soldier, sailor or airman who travels through Thurgood Marshall BWI Airport enroute to harm's way. They volunteer at the USO International Gateway Lounge.

"Some of them resemble him," says Carol.

Carol is in perpetual motion at the lounge. "Ice cream. Anyone want ice cream? How about Girl Scout cookies?"

"I hope that they would feel the warmth that I am trying to give them," says Carol. "I feel like I'm taking their mother's place."

"I just really enjoy interacting with them. Because a lot of these kids this is the first time they're away from home and they just don't have a clue," says Robert. "So what we try to do is guide them the best we can."

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Robert and Carol admit it was hard at first volunteering in the lounge. A face, sometimes a voice, reminded them of David. But now these men and women are their kids. And the Roddys hope you will see it in your heart to support our troops and their families this holiday season by donating to Turkey for Troops.

"They are giving up their families for 9 months to a year to go defend us so the least that we can do is show them the support," whispers Robert. "That we are behind them 100-percent. And anything that anyone can do for a military member or their family, do that."

Here's something else you need to know about David Roddy. He was given the opportunity twice by the military to come home--back to his parents, his wife and his young daughter. Once when he was seriously injured in an accident. The second time when his partner out on the battlefield was killed by an IED and David was the one who put the pieces in the body bags. David refused. He had a job he wanted to finish says his father.

So for David, please consider donating to Turkey for Troops so our military families can have a nice holiday meal.

Written By: Samara Martin Ewing, 9NEWS NOW

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