MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WUSA) - It's called question B and it's shaping up to be one of the most contentious local issues in Election 2012. With voting just four days away, the question is heating up in Montgomery County.

Question B appears to be pitting the County government and police chief against some union members and their families.

Montgomery County Police Officer Matt Frasca talked about his little girl, Luci. The 3 year-old is braving a daunting array of medical conditions.

"I want to be able to protect her and take her to her appointments that she needs to go to, do the things that I have to do as a father. Without having to worry about this nonsense," said Frasca.

What he calls nonsense is Question B. The County says it would force the Police Chief to check with the union before making any management decisions. The Fraternal Order of Police says the County has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to repeal 30 years of "effects bargaining" which ensures things like advance notice of shift changes.

"What this law does is give us a little bit of protection, a say in how is that going to affect me," Frasca said.

Videos posted to youtube are intensifying an already bitter fight. One allegedly shows young people paid by the County to lobby for Question B.

"The law says in Maryland you cannot spend tax dollars on political activities. The definition of political activities is promoting or opposing a ballot question," said Lanny Davis, the FOP Attorney.

Friday afternoon, the County fired back, saying effects bargaining has cost taxpayers a lot of money over the past 30 years and it is appropriate, not illegal, for the government to use County resources to advocate for Question B.

The FOP has asked state and federal prosecutors to investigate whether Montgomery County used any federal funding to campaign for Question B.

A County spokesman said emphatically it did NOT.

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