WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- You might want to take advantage of this weekend to get your home in order.

After the Derecho this summer, many were stuck for days without power. That could happen again, when Sandy blows through.

Make sure your home is stocked up and protected.

  • Take care of any tree trimming.
  • Clean out the gutters.
  • Charge your phone
  • Fill up the bathtub
  • This is also a good time to clean out the fridge

At your stop at the grocery store, pick up a three-day supply of food including canned goods, pet food, charcoal and wood.
Don't forget to grab bottled water.

Dry ice is a hot commodity not only for Halloween but for preparing for the storm:
A seven pound block of ice at about $14 could last in your freezer roughly 24 hours.

Include in your emergency kit extra batteries, a can opener, car charger for your phone, flashlights and candles.

Check out FEMA's website for additional tips:

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