WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - A Montgomery County children's restaurant famous for its giant rat mascot and a D.C. food warehouse filled with street vendor carts are among food establishments closed for violations the week ending October 12th.

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Subway closed for no hot water

In rural, western Montgomery County, inspectors shut down Poolesville's Subway on Fisher Avenue for continuing to operate with no hot water.

The manager acknowledged the mistake and showed our crew a new water heater he'd purchased to comply with food safety requirements.

Officials said there was also no food safety manager on duty during the Subway inspection and cited hand washing violations.

Navy Yard area restaurant claims inspectors confused black rice for mice feces

Just as public swimming pools are required to have a lifeguard onduty, public restaurants are required to have a food safety manager onduty and on the premises.

When we arrived at Sizzling Express on M SE, which had been cited for 21 violations, the owner told us the food safety manager had gone to the bank.

When the food safety manager returned 10 minutes later, she disputed the health department's finding of a rodent infestation.

She said the inspector was likely confused by the restaurant's black rice.

"The droppings, we have the black rice," the woman said explaining. "And the grease on the floor...and it looks dark."

She said they spent two days cleaning, and when we looked, we found no feces and no black rice.

Silver Spring Chuck E. Cheese's closed for sewage backup

In Silver Spring, inside Chuck E. Cheese's on Outlet Dr., inspectors found several violations, but they focused on a floor drain oozing onto the kitchen floor.

Inspectors cited Chuck E. Cheese's for operating with no food safety manger, unclean soda nozzles, a sewage line backup in the dish washing area.

The restaurant was ordered to stop serving customers.

Inspectors in the District closed a food warehouse filled with street vendor carts.

Workers wouldn't tell us where the food from the Shaw neighborhood WG Food warehouse on Wiltberger St. NW goes, but we spotted two food carts being towed in and more carts already in the building.

Inspectors ordered the doors closed, citing potential dangers including no hot water.

A worker told us we'd have to wait for the manager to comment.

He claimed the boss was stuck in traffic.After two hours of waiting for answers, no one had arrived to answer questions.

Inspectors cited rodent droppings, and no towels or soap at hand washing sinks which were officially described as filthy.

All the establishments passed re-inspection, and were back in business prior to our visits.

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