WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Two groups who couldn't be further apart in their beliefs came to protest for a common cause at Gallaudet University on Thursday.

People for and against gay marriage say the university's Chief Diversity Officer should be reinstated.

Earlier this month the school's president put Angela McCaskill on paid leave.

Mt. Ennon Baptist and Southern Baptist Church bused in members for Thursday's rally.

Their leaders, Rev. Delman Coates and Rev. Donte Hickman, have been outspoken on Maryland's Question 6 on equal rights for same sex marriage issue that's on the November ballot.

Rev. Coates says, "The university is wrong here, not Dr. McCaskill.

Rev. Donte says, "No one needs to have permission to sign a petition."

On the other side of campus, an anti-gay group protested but stood on common ground with other protestors.

Rev. Anthony Evans with the National Black Church Initiative, "we want her to get her job back. We're also here to say no university can tell you what you can or cannot believe."

While some accuse Angela McCaskill of being anti-gay marriage when she signed a petition to get the question on the ballot, she has not publicly made her position known.

That has confused and even divided some Gallaudet students:

Through an interpreter, student Stacey Delaune says, "we'd like her to come back and talk it through to resolve it. It's confusing."

Jeremiah Sammons is also a student, and signs that he doesn't believe Dr. McCaskill should get her job back. "I feel very conflicted about this. Dr. McCaskill is a sweet, wonderful woman but her job is to represent people of diversity who don't have power."

McCaskill's attorney, J. Wyndal Gordan, seemed to indicate it's not a matter of if she'd be reinstated, but when.

"The conversation is moving in the right direction. We are in a general consensus that she should return and the issue is how."

This is now a legal matter. McCaskill's attorney is talking to the school's lawyer. It could just be a matter of time before Dr. McCaskill is back on campus.

The university's president released a statement that reads in part:

"As much as I understand the views that some outside organizations have about the immediate return of our Chief Diversity Officer to campus, at the same time we need to move forward at a rate appropriate for our entire community. "

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