WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Maybe two percent of the very large and outspoken Washington Redskins fan base would recognize Logan Paulsen if they saw him at their local Chipotle.

On Thursday, Mike Shanahan revealed Paulsen will start at the tight end position this Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Paulsen was described as an "overachiever" by his offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, but proved his worth on Sunday by hauling in RGIII's miraculous fourth and ten scrambling dash, and totaling four catches for 76 yards.

Obviously, Redskins fans and even members of the media are salivating to see their favorite player Chris Cooley back on the field. In this brand new scheme, I also argue 'Captain Chaos' can be his productive old self.

Still, let me give you a reason to pull for the 25-year-old Paulsen: he's not your typical athlete. Yes, there is anecdotal evidence.

This past summer Paulsen and his wife of two years, Kelly, decided it was time for her to make the move from California to the Washington D.C. area.

"I was skeptical about the whole thing at first. Everyone has their horror stories of getting stopped in between two AAA districts," laughed Paulsen.

"But it was kind of a bucket list kind of thing. When it was all said and done, it was definitely worth it."

Instead of having movers pack up all of her belongings and ship them back to D.C., Paulsen and his wife decided to drive cross country with their SUV packed to the brim. The three stops included, Boulder, CO; St. Louis, MZ; and Nashville, TN.

"It was spectacular. Every stop had it's own unique high points," Paulsen told me back in August. The journey back East took exactly one week, with about 12 hours of driving four of the days.

Paulsen described Boulder as "beautiful" and the couple engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking. In St. Louis they visited museums and did some shopping. And in Nashville they explored the live music and southern cuisine of Broadway Street.

How many other athletes would just say, screw it. Fly all the stuff over here.

"Probably every single of them," laughed Paulsen.

One last sign of Paulsen's laid back, normal guy persona? He's been dating Kelly for 10 years, since they were sophomores in high school at Chaminade Prep in Los Angeles.

You won't find it hard to root for this guy.

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