(MILITARY TIMES) --One former grunt is so tired of the status quo in Washington that there's only one man he wants to see in the White House, so he's writing in his vote for Gen. James Mattis.

Matthew Majors is the name under which the former corporal with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, runs a Facebook page called "General James Mattis for President," which has more than 1,100 likes. He asked that his real last name not be printed to protect his privacy.

The former rifleman now works at an adolescent treatment center and said he motivates the kids there by sharing with them the lifelong values he learned in the Marine Corps.

Although he's been out for more than a decade, Majors said Mattis is the best general out there and that his attitude and persona need to spill over into Washington policy-making.

"It's time for the American people to bear down and get squared away," Majors said. "A lot of Americans don't understand the Marine Corps, what it teaches Marines and that it makes men. Gen. Mattis can give them a big dose of what has to happen."

What has to happen, he said, is that politicians stop lying and acting soft.

"I learned the hard way as a boot Marine that you got your behind whooped for lying," he said. "You don't lie. You admit mistakes - and the general has done that when he's reminded of some of the off-color comments he's made - but he doesn't make a habit of apologizing, either."

Majors said military experience should be a prerequisite for becoming president, and he's disappointed that both President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney lack it. The military builds character that isn't built in college or the workforce, he said.

Mattis, head of U.S. Central Command and known for his real talk and colorful quotes, has motivated this generation of Marines. Majors said seeing a general get out from behind the desk to lead from the front is exactly the type of leadership the entire country needs. And Majors sees the four-star as a president who would look at social issues, too, including education and entitlement programs.

"The general said an uneducated Marine is just as dangerous as the enemy," Majors said. "He'd invest in education because he knows educating Marines for combat is important. He'd reform certain entitlement programs and let people know if they want something in life, they're going to have to work for it."

If the "warrior monk" ran the executive branch, "I think liberals would crap their pants and Republicans would rejoice," Majors said. "I don't know if he's a Democrat or Republican, and that doesn't matter to me, because I'm an independent. But he would restore our nation's integrity."

Majors plans to take a photo of his ballot when he votes and post it on the page to motivate others to do the same. If enough do, Mattis would make history: No Marine has ever been elected president, according to the National Museum of American History. Yet.

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