WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)--With Halloween comes lots of costumes. Not just for humans, but their 4-legged fur-children as well. According to the National Retail Federation American consumers will spend $370 million dollars on costumes for their pets. This is $70 million more than last year.

TheASPCA says, "Our experts suggest putting your pet in a costume only if you're sure he will enjoy it. Some pets love the limelight: wearing a costume and posing for pictures is a blast! Othes prefer to stick to their birthday suits for all occasions, and being dressed like a pumpkin for their pet parents' amusement can cause unnecessary stress."

TheASPCA says if you do plan on dressing up Fido or Fifi, take the following safety tips under consideration:

  • Your pet's outfit should not constrict movement or hearing, not should it deny a pet's ability to breathe or vocalize.

  • Watch out for any small or dangling parts on a costume that your pet might chew or choke on.

  • Make sure your pet's ID tags are a part of the costume in case your pet makes a run for it.

In addition to pet costumes posing a possible hazard to your pet, this time of year pet owners need to be alert about some of the treats and decorations Halloween brings. For example, chocolate can be very dangerous as can xylitol--an artificial sweetner used in some candies and gums.

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