WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Take a look at these photos of Metro's first full-scale model of its future car. The new model is called its "7000-series railcar" and was unveiled Wednesday.

In July 2011, we told you that 300 of the new cars will replace the 1970's models that were involved in the deadly Metro crashnear Fort Totten Metro station in June 2009. At that time they were expected to be in service by 2013 and 64 of them weredesignated for the Silver Line.

Among the features are vinyl, padded seats, vertical grip poles at each seat and wider aisles. The cars also have blue speckled linoleum floors,LED lights and closed circuit cameras. Metro's GM points out the dynamic Metro maps included on the cars in the video below.

In 2010, WMATA received a $150 million grant from U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to replace its 1000-Series rail cars. Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. were also expected to give $150 million in matching local funds to help pay for the improvements, bringing the total to $300 million. $79.3 million was to be used to buy the new 7000-Series rail cars. The rest of the money was slated fortrack rehabilitation andmuch-needed infrastructure projects.The grant also allocated $10.3 million for WMATA to address safety recommendations made by the NTSB.

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