CLARKSBURG Md. (WUSA) - We're following questions about a group home for mentally ill people in Clarksburg after a tragic death there Monday.

But it's what 9News' Scott Broom discovered after that incident that's adding to concern. A mentally ill registered sex offender was living in the home without a full time counselor living there. Scott Broom spent the day in Clarksburg where he's been asking a lot of questions.

He reports that this is a tough issue because there is no doubt mentally ill people are discriminated against, and have every right to live in whatever housing they choose --- even if that housing is a controversial group home in a neighborhood that doesn't want it.

But when someone dies there --- there are questions --- and so far they are questions the agencies responsible for the situation in Clarksburg will not answer directly.

See the above video for Scott Broom's report.