WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- 140,000 thousand residents in the District rely on food stamps to put food on the table.
The average weekly allowance for one person: $30.

Alex Ashbrook is the director of DC Hunger Solutions - an organization that works to end hunger in our community.
She is taking part in the Food Stamp Challenge and says "it is challenging to one, get enough food to last through a week and also to buy what you want to eat. "

Ashbrook has only $30 for 21 meals - only about a 1.40 a meal.
She will have to stretchthe $30 into breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next seven days. It's not going to be easy. She says she has enough for only five days even though she tried to stretch every dollar. "I had to be really conscious of what I put into my cart," she said. "I felt like I was playing the price is right, making sure I hit $30. "

Ashbrook says for a typical lunch she eats a sandwich.
If she bought a loaf of bread, a pound of deli meat, lettuce, and a tomato, it would cost $12.76.
She would stretch all of that across multiple meals.
This week, she was forced to buy bread with bologna and spinach, which was on sale.
That would cost only $5.57.
A big difference, but the cost is nutrition.
But the sacrifices allowed her to stretch the money she had. She believes change is necessary. "Food stamps to be even more beneficial should be expanded and funded more, so people can actually eat throughout the month," she said.

After the challenge is over, Ashbrook says she's fortunate and can go back to eating what she wants.
But for too many, living on food stamps is a reality they struggle with every day.

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