WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) --Greg Altieri is the chief operating officer of MacNair Travel Management in Alexandria, where he says Wednesdays is typically the busiest day of the week. This week, that's a big problem for Altieri, a Nationals season ticket holder who was planning on going to Wednesday's playoff game, until the game was scheduled for one o'clock in the afternoon.

"It's been really tough to decide what to do, and me and some of the guys in my group have had to pass on the game because it's at one o'clock. It's terrible, it's killing us," Altieri said.

Altieri clearly isn't the only one feeling that way. After Monday afternoon's announcement from Major League Baseball that Wednesday's game would start at 1 p.m., thousands of fans with tickets to the game have had to either give up their tickets or figure out a way to leave work.

Mike Klem, who owns his own electrical supply company, is now hoping to buy tickets from an unlucky person unable to attend Wednesday's game. He astutely observed that were it not all but required that the Yankees play all their games in prime time, it's likely the Nationals would have been able to play at night, and this entire problem could have been avoided.

"After we get in to the playoffs for several years to come, we'll be right there in prime time as well," Klem said.

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