SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) - A woman who may be the fifth victim of the serial fondler told 9News that it was about three weeks ago when she was walking with her teenage daughter when she was attacked. She never called police to report the incident.

But on Tuesday night, another teenage girl was assaulted, in teh 6200 block of Hibbling Ave. Residents are now on alert after this latest attack by a man who is grabbing women from behind and groping them.

The woman who may be the fifth victim said a man grabbed her from behind , grabbing her breasts right in front of her teenage daughter. She says he wasn't out to rob her, because he did not steal her purse.

Police say the fourth attack happened on Tuesday at about 7:15 p.m. around the intersection of Exmore St. and Hibbling Ave.

Each time, the man grabs victims from behind and fondles their breasts.

Tae Kwon Do grand master Kwon Su Hang demonstrated to 9News' Peggy Fox how to get out of a hold like that. He taught her the move in just a few minutes.

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