WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- 3-D mammography is becoming more available to women across the country, andTuesday experts put that technology on display near the steps of the Capitol.

A 3-D mammography bus touring the nation stopped on Capitol Hill to show off the most important breakthroughs in breast cancer detection in 30 years.

The tour is conducted by Hologic, a company that specializes in screening, diagnostic and imaging tools aimed at improving women's health.

The technology was approved by theFDA a year ago. In our areaWashington Radiology offers it to women atan extra cost, because it is not yet covered by insurance.

3-D mammograms are often recommended to women with dense breast tissue, because they cut down on the number of false positives

Edward Lipsit, MD, President of Washington Radiology Associates says, "It's resulting in increased breast cancer detection rates, decrease in the need to call patients back for additional imaging."

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Dr. Lipsit adds, "We've performed nearly 25,000 examinations at 6 clinical sites and at present we are the largest provider of 3-D mammography in the world."

Members of Congress whovisited the van with other staff membersreceived an overview of the technology and met with physicians who are using 3-D mammograms.

Hologic's 3-D mammogram bus is headed to New York where it will be on display near the New York Stock Exchange.

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