WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - You see all those people lining up for the IPhone5? You think they're kinda nuts, don't you? Well, you're kinda right, but first, a confession.

Midnight, October 26, the year 2000: a 41-year-old man. I am one of perhaps thousands around the nation, waiting outside on aN unseasonably cold autumn night, for the privilege of spending 300 bucks for a brand new Sony Playstation 2.

So as I'm standing there freezing my butt off with the other video game nut jobs, I'm thinking, why am I doing this? Why did I have to have this right now? 'Cause that's what its all about right? The fact that you'll be able to walk into that same store a month from now and buy 10 of these things, no problem, really didn't matter.

And it still doesn't. In fact, bloggers from the "front lines," so to speak, say a lot of these folks have done this before and already have Iphones a year old or less. And they're back, not so much for the device, but for the camraderie, the fun. I know, right?

But who am I to judge? I once waited outside with numb fingers til about 2 in the morning for a now long outdated piece of technology that I have since replaced countless times with newer and better stuff.

The only difference between me and some of these folks: I'll never do it again.

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