WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Six students at Ballou Senior High School in D.C. became sick after eating apples brought in by a teacher on Monday.

According to school officials and the HSEMA, "a limited number of students reported feeling sick after eating apples" on Monday morning.

The students were evaluated by medic units at 4th and Trenton streets, and according to school officials "the situation has been contained."

School officials are investigating and will release more information as it becomes available.

The DC Department of Health Interim Director Dr. Saul Levin released a statement late Monday afternoon on the sick students at Ballou High School.

"Today, a cluster of several students from Ballou High School reported being ill earlier this morning after consuming apples brought in by a teacher. As a result, three students were transported to area hospitals for nausea and other gastroenteritis symptoms. DOH epidemiologists are working with area hospitals and the public health laboratory to investigate the source of the illness.

DOH Food Safety team performed a full inspection of the school's kitchen, which did not yield any positive diagnostic results associated with the cases. At this time, apples have not been identified as the source of this illness. DOH will continue to work with area health providers to ensure the students complete recovery and wellness."

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