WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- On Monday evening, my football life was altered forever. I ponied up the money ($70) and bought NFL's Game Rewind app for the iPad, and now have access to every play from every game in the 2012 season.

I know what you are thinking ... the last thing we need is another snarky sports blogger throwing mud at the wall. Well, too bad.

1) The Redskins ran the shotgun formation 73 percent of the time against the Rams

A whopping 43 of 59 snaps were out of the gun. In fact, 15 of the first 16 plays of the game were from some type of shotgun or pistol look. A typical Shanahan offense from last season may have used to the shotgun formation 20 percent of the time.

Coming out of college, the knock on RGIII was his gimmicky Baylor offense and his lack of experience working under center. Those concerns have been quickly muted thanks to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's adaptations.

Luckily in today's NFL, you can thrive in spread option formations, as proved by the Packers, Patriots etc., but only if you have the right personnel. And with the Redskins leading the NFL in points per game (34.0), I think it's safe to say this type of spread offense will become the norm.

2) A recent successful scrambling quarterback played just as fearless as Robert Griffin III

And his name was Steve McNair. The longtime Tennessee Titan and Baltimore Raven made sure opposing defenses knew he wasn't afraid of them. Actually, that was a key to a big chunk of his success as an MVP award winner and three-time pro bowler. Because Griffin III rarely goes out of bounds, linebackers and safeties now are caught in a mind game with the Redskins quarterback: Will he take off, find a dump off, or air it out?

The fact the Redskins quarterback is stretching out plays with his legs down the middle of the field (instead of always going out of bounds) is why Washington's offense has been so potent to start the season. Defenses must have a continual spy on RGIII, or he will catch them napping and grab the extra yardage.

Side note: Just because we see Michael Vick sidelined due to injuries more often than not, doesn't mean Griffin will be the same way. Ten carries a game should remain MANDATORY as of now for RGIII.

3) Some key offensive numbers you should be aware of right now

*Griffin has been sacked just three times in two games.

*RGIII is ranked 18th in the NFL in rushing so far with 124 yards. That's ahead of notable running backs such as Chicago's Matt Forte, New York's Shonn Greene, St. Louis' Steven Jackson and Kansas City's Jamal Charles.

*Washington has scored touchdowns on five of its seven red zone possessions.

*The Redskins are a combined 8/28 (28 percent) on third down conversions. Third down stops helped lead the Rams to a victory and kept the Saints in the ball game until the end during week 1.

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