Winded climbing stairs? Riding the couch a top weekend activity? Not so happy with the number on the scale? All of these descriptions can feel awfully familiar. But you have the power to change, one small step at a time.

WUSA's Jessica Doyle has been feeling "fluffy and out of shape" and has decided to do a 5K. She is now committing to a multi-week training program and chronicle her journey on the morning show as well as on her new blog called Couch To 5K With Jessica Doyle. Follow along with her -- she needs your support and motivation and would LOVE for you to join her in making positive changes in your lives. Several Facebook friends have already reached out to Jessica to become a running buddies and some have decided to try out the program as well.

Get off the couch and invest in yourself! Watch the video for a look at Jessica's first week of training. Read Jessica'd new blog http://couch25k.tumblr.com/

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