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Virginia Tech

If I were running Virginia Tech, Saturday's loss to Pittsburgh would be the final straw for the lack of progression.

The time has come for this program tolook at itself in the mirror and say 'We need to make a change.' Astough as it would be to oust head coach Frank Beamer, now in his 25th year, it needs to be done.

The Hokies are stuck in second gearand with Beamer at the helm, and the program doesn't have a chance atadvancing to elite -- the growth of the post-Michael Vick era has officially been stunted. Virginia Tech's offense is full of screen passes andbasic run plays, which are frankly elementary at this point in collegefootball.

Although the recruiting has been there, Beamer and hisoffensive staff have refused to adapt to today's sport and it's showed by the continual losses to lesser programs. Pittsburgh on Saturday can be added to Boise State and James Madison in 2010, East Carolina in 2008 and losses to Michigan and Kansas in BCS bowl games. Beamer being outcoached has become a regular occurrence.

I understand some Virginia Tech fans apprehension in making a change -- Beamer has won at least 10 games in eight-straight seasons. But how can Hokie fans can't honestly be proud of coming up short every year? Sometimes, change is necessary.


I haven't read this enough: Washington was able to topple the Saintsin large part because of coaching. The offensive system used by KyleShanahan was ripped straight out of a college playbook -- beautifully explained here by Grantland.

And defensively, the Redskins beat writers reported Washington only ranman-to-man against Drew Brees, which absolutely befuddled him.

Idon't think Mike and Kyle Shanahan will able to run with the same exactgame plan against Jeff Fisher and the Rams. Even the Lions had troublemoving the football last week against the Rams overhauled defense.

Side note: A storyline many people are not talking about is how quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Robert Griffin III will be forever linked. The Rams basically said "We like Bradford over RGIII," when they traded away the second overall pick to the Redskins in March.

I understand that Bradford has less players to work with than Griffin, but at what point does that excuse stop? Bradford's now in his third season.


Davey Johnson's confidence has touched the entire Washington D.C. area. Is there anyone who thinks this team will fall short of the World Series?

Bythe way, the Nats are second in the National League in home runs andeighth in the entire MLB. And Bryce Harper is on an absolute tear at theplate, peaking at just the right time.

The soon-to-be 20-year-old is hitting .344 in his last 26 games, with nine homers, five doubles and three triples. Harper's making a case to win the rookie of the year award.

Diamondbacks pitcher Wade Miley and infielder Todd Fraizer of the Reds both are also in the running.

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