WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) - Records reviewed by 9 Wants to Know identify five area eateries closed last week for health code violations including a convenience store where 9 Wants to Know found outdated bologna after inspectors approved the store to reopen after a suspension and a pizza restaurant that had been inspected last year as a result of a foodborne illness.

See the video of the outdated meat tonight tonight at 11:00on WUSA9.

This week's WUSA9 Food AlertPatrol reviewed a suspended food truck, convenience store, and three arearestaurants closed by inspectors from Cleveland Park to Chinatown and intoMontgomery County citing health hazards ranging from dripping sewage to vermin.

Food truck suspended

Pupuseria La Salvadorena's FoodTruck is a regular at Georgia and Colesville in Silver Spring. Inspectorsshut it down citing sewage draining on the parking lot, and food at unsafetemperatures.

In Germantown, Montgomery County inspectors shut down Palace Home, 13069 Wisteria, at a food court inside Lotte Asian Market, citing flies and other violations.

9 Wants to Know took pictures of the flies, but that's not all we recorded with wings.While we snapped photos of theinsects in the food court, a bird landed just a few feet away inside the store.

Last week inspectors cited dirty utensils at the Germantown eatery, reporting workers refused to throw out 10 gallons of soup left out at room temperature and uncovered on the floor.

Right next to Cleveland ParkMetro, inspectors closed Paragon Thai, 3507 Connecticut Avenue NW, citing avermin infestation with mice feces in the food prep area.

Suspended Chinatown pizza place has history, including a foodborne illness review

District records show the closureof Bistro Med Pizza, 736 6th Street NW, follows a foodborne illnessinvestigation and 17 violations cited during an inspection last year.

Then in March inspectors observed20 violations at Bistro Med, including mice feces and no one on staff certifiedto manage safe food handling.

An employee said the manager atBistro Med did not want to discuss it.

When inspectors returned lastweek, they cited four rats rummaging around the trash, no hot water at a handwashing sink, and again, no on staff certified to manage safe foodhandling. They ordered it closed.

9 Wants to Know finds outdated meat at store inspectorsapproved

The Circle 7 Express, 2713 MartinLuther King Jr. Ave. SW is where 9 Wants to Know observed outdated bologna.

The Circle 7 Express is rightacross the street from the old St. Elizabeth's campus and right next door toFriendship Public Charter School.

Many residents use it as theirgrocery store.

We were in the store Wednesday, lessthan two minutes and 30 seconds, when we spotted bologna in the meat case with asell-by date of July 18, 2012.

What our cameras recorded inside, whichyou can see in video airing Friday night at 11:00 on WUSA9 and in the attachedstill photo on wusa9.com, isn't the first documentation of the store stockingoutdated goods.

A week prior to 9 Wants to Knowfinding the outdated meat, District inspectors had passed the store andreopened it after closing it for vermin.

It worried relatives waiting forchildren to get out of school nearby.

"It could make some of the kidssick or even make me sick if I go buy it," said neighbor David Shealy.

"I know when they get out ofschool they come and get something to eat," said neighbor Janice Johnson.

The store has history of outdated product violations.

Reports indicate inspectorssuspended the convenience store and closed it last year too.

In addition to citations for miceand roaches, we found three official inspections citing outdated food.

Everyone one of those establishment,including that shop where we found the outdated meat, passed re-inspections andare back to business as usual.

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