TAMPA, Fl. (WUSA) - After a whole series of well-received speeches at the GOP convention, the pressure's on Mitt Romney tonight.
The Republican nominee's been thinking about it for months, scrawling down notes.
9News's Bruce Leshan is live in Tampa with a look at what Romney plans to say.

Aides say he'll highlight the country's disappointment and the President's alleged failings.
And that he'll tap his own personal life story.
It's a unique chance to re-introduce himself to the American people.

Romney has said, "I should tell my story, I'm also unemployed." "Corporations are people" "I'm not concerned about poor people, there's a safety net there."

Mitt Romney knows his own words can hurt him.

He has said in the past, "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me."

But this whole convention's been structured to boost his ratings, to highlight his success as a businessman, a governor, an Olympic organizer.
Even if polls suggest a lot of Americans still don't like him.

Gov. Bob McDonnell said, "Some would like to turn it into solely a popularity contest. It's not that. It's not about who gives the best speech or who is the best orator. I happen to think Mitt Romney is a warm, decent man of faith. Not everyone has seen him like I've seen him."

Even Barry Goldwater got a post convention speech bounce.
So did President Obama
And both Presidents Bush.

Remember "Read my lips, no new taxes" by eorge H.W. Bush, and "I'm running with a compassionate conservative philosophy," by George W. Bush.

But Romney's got some tough acts to follow.

And Romney faces a fast response team from the other side -- President Obama surrogates like Maryland's Chris Van Hollen.

Van Hollen said, "The Republicans in Congress are sitting on the President's jobs bill. They haven't even had a vote on it since last September."

The TV audience for Mitt Romney's prime time address tonight is likely to number in the tens of millions.
Even with so many things distracting us, Americans still like to watch these conventions.
Romney leaves his hotel tomorrow morning to campaign in Florida, in Ohio -- and in Virginia.

By Bruce Leshan, 9News and WUSA9.com

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