WASHINGTON (WUSA) --Entertainment insider Jennice Fuentes joined us on Friday to tell us more about the new Rob Pattinson movie. It's called "Cosmopolis."

The movie is adapted from a novel of the same name. In the movie, Pattinson plays a 28-year-old billionaire. Ironically, Pattison's character has an affair in the film while we know in real-life his girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him.

If you're in D.C. and interested in seeing the movie, it's playing at the Landmark E St. Cinema in Northwest.

Speaking of actor couples, real-life couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell play the lead roles in "Hit and Run." Bell's character finds out her boyfriend is actually in witness protection. When his old partner in crime comes after them, she learns more about his past as they try to elude their pursuit.

Also out in theaters is "Premium Rush." Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in the movie as Wilee, the best of New York's agile and aggressive bicycle messengers. Wilee's last envelope of the day, the premium rush run, turns into a life or death chase through Manhattan.

See some clips from the movies and Fuentes' take on them in the video above.

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