PALMER PARK, Md. (WUSA) -- Prince George's County Police provided more details of a police chase that killed one of their own.

Police are asking the public's help in finding

23-year-old Kevon Darnell Neal of Fort Washington, Md

. He is the second suspect and the driver in a car chase that ended

Officer Adrian Morris' life


Shell gas station owner Tom Martins and manager Joey Gillam say they had seen the pair several times last week stealing women's purses out of cars as drivers pumped gas in Laurel, Maryland.

When Gillam spotted the stolen car again on Monday he called police. By the time Officer Adrian Morris and his partner Officer Mike Risher arrived, the suspects had left.

The officers started looking at surveillance video. It was at that point, when Gillam sees the suspects had returned to the gas station looking for more victims.

"I knew emphatically, 100 percent that was it," Gillam said.

The officers immediately went after the suspects and gave chase. The suspects in the stolen car were speeding down I-95 in Laurel and Beltsville crossing all lanes of traffic, putting other lives in danger, according to police.

"The citizens on the Beltway make maneuvers, breaking, swerving, stopping to avoid colliding with the suspect vehicle causing a chain reaction," PG Major Mike Straughan said.

The chain reaction causes

Officer Morris to lose control, his cruiser flips several times before landing upright in a ravine


Police located the stolen car in Southeast D.C. After hours of surveillance, police arrested 25-year-old Kenneth Clark Mitchell of Northeast Washington who police say was the passenger during the fatal pursuit.

Questions have been raised about police chase guidelines. Officers use their discretion and routinely chase in response to violent crimes.

Prince George's County police say there will be an investigation into that part of the case in due time. They are adamant that "Officer Morris was doing his job.... He was trying to catch a criminal," said Straughan.

"They were doing their job to help the community," said Gillam.

There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Kevon Darnell Neal. He has a distinctive star and half moon tattoo on his face.

As of now, the two suspects have been charged with felony theft.

The West Laurel Civic Association is trying to raise money for the family. Funeral arrangements for Officer Morris have not been announced yet.

Prince George's County Police say there will be a moment of silence at the August 25th Redskins preseason game.

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