WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - She's wearing fishnet stockings, a very short skirt and... a bullet proof vest. Not an outfit you'd expect an insurance salesperson would wear. But that's exactly what Cintia Pedone, 30, is seen wearing in a photo she posted online.

In it, she is apparently standing in a Drug Enforcement Office of the Metropolitan Police Department. It is the same Pedone, along with Dawnetta Underwood, 23, who are charged with ID Theft and racketeering after allegedly scamming Atlanta police officers out of their personal information. Atlanta Police say they were posing as AFLAC representatives and trying to pass themselves off as one of the city's authorized insurance vendors. Atlanta police say they were neither.

Now, the Metropolitan Police Department is looking into whether Pedone and Underwood committed any crimes in their department.

The President of the D.C. firefighters Union put an alert on their website about the women who "have visited many D.C.F. D. firehouses in an attempt to sell supplemental insurance policies."
An MPD spokeswoman says "Our Criminal Investigations Division is looking into this to see if any laws were broken here."

Kristopher Baumann, the Chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police MPD Labor Committee wants to know why the women "private contractors" were let in to solicit officers, adding, "I believe that's prohibited.".

A source tell 9News that the two women also met with U.S. Park Police officers back in April and that they were actually listed at AFLAC representatives at that time. The source says one officer even bought a policy, which was legitimate.

Atlanta Investigators say they contacted the women's alleged supervisor, Mr. Ugonna Onunkwo, who lives in Clinton, Md. and told him that he wasn't authorized to solicit personnel in this manner. Though people were home, and called the police on us, nobody would come to the door. Reaching him earlier on the phone, Mr. Onunkwo would not answer whether he sold insurance or had any connection to the women. All he would say was, "It will all come out soon."

On Tuesday, the Vice President for Corporate Communications told 9News that the women arrested in Atlanta were not representatives of AFLAC. Now she says she didn't say that and that she'll only say no comment.

Atlanta police say it appears the women are licensed to sell insurance in Maryland, but not Georgia. Whether they're licensed to sell insurance in D.C. or Virginia is unclear.

While some local officers and firefighters may be worried their personal information may have been stolen, union leader Kristopher Baumann says the MPD doesn't even have the officers to investigate. He says detectives who might be investigating the case have been reassigned because of a shortage of police officers.

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